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Designed to Smile Gold Achievement Plaque

Caerf Fair Nursery

Caer Fair nursery have just been awarded the Designed to Smile Gold Achievement Plaque for their consistent approach to the tooth brushing programme which has been in place within the nursery for nearly four years. Caer ffair Nursery have embraced the whole ethos of the programme and has become an integral part of their day, and continue to be.

“It is a pleasure to present Caer ffair Nursery with their gold award, it’s a credit to the staff that have continued to support the delivery of the tooth brushing programme and of course to the parents whom have given consent for their child to participate. Developing good tooth brushing from an early age, preventable treatments such as, fluoride application and fissure sealant along with sensible eating habits has been proven to reduce tooth decay developing later in life. We look forward to continuing to support Caer ffair Nursery.” – Mrs Helen Edwards (Designed to Smile Co ordinator and Oral Health Promoter)

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