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Safety and Security

Safety and security are very important to us at Caerffair we will only allow your child to be collected by a named person who we have previously met, unless otherwise arranged by youself in advance.

As well as having a very high staff to child ratio, there are a number of security features built in to the fabric of the nursery. These include four cameras linked to a CCTV system which are recording 24hours a day, seven days a week, to ensure your child’s safety from the outside, and also enable their activities to be monitored from the office.

High quality premises, which are safe and well maintained:

  • The front door has a buzzer together with CCTV and can only be opened from the inside.

  • Large, secure garden.

  • British standard approved safety glass to all accessible glass.

  • Temperature-controlled hot water supply to taps in children’s toilets, preventing scalding.

  • Finger shields fitted to all doors accessible to children, preventing trapping.

  • Separate nappy changing rooms, toilet training rooms and children’s toilets.

  • Safe and hygienic floor and work surfaces.

  • Fire alarms, smoke and heat detector systems and emergency lighting for rapid escape. Regular fire drills.

  • External lighting, 24hr monitored intruder/burglar alarms and secured, enclosed premises.